Treating Stroke, Brain, and Nerve Damage with Traditional Chinese Medicine

In China, Traditional Chinese Medicine has long been recognized as a leading treatment for stroke and neurological disorders. In fact, it is a clinical care standard for Chinese patients to receive acupuncture immediately after a stroke, and hospitals are usually equipped with acupuncturists to facilitate that.

Dr. Xiaorong Ding has a Ph.D. in acupuncture, and has spent decades researching Traditional Chinese Medicine's effects on stroke and neurological conditions. She specializes in scalp acupuncture, a special style of acupuncture that brings function back to nerve cells that have died or become inactive after stroke or other brain damage. Dr. Ding's treatments focus on:

  • Stopping further damage to brain tissues by preventing or reducing edema and swelling in the brain
  • Promoting blood and oxygen circulation in the brain
  • Breaking down blood clots
  • Accelerating functional recovery
  • Reducing anxiety and balancing the overall body, mitigating the chance for future strokes

Unlike other treatments for stroke, nerve damage, and brain conditions, Traditional Chinese Medicine has no side effects.  

What to expect

Traditional Chinese Medicine is most effective when used immediately after a stroke or neurological incident, though Dr. Ding can also help patients that have had longer health histories. Click here to learn more about what to expect during a visit. 

Meet Dr. Ding

Our value is in our experience and effectiveness. 

Dr. Xiaorong Ding is an acclaimed master acupuncturist specializing in neurology, with Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in acupuncture from premier universities in China. Dr. Ding authored and co-authored over 40 research papers on Chinese medicine, and was hospital Chief Physician and university professor before joining TrueMind Center in 2012.

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