About Cupping

Traditional Chinese Medicine consists of many natural healing methods that were developed nearly 5,000 years ago. Cupping is a modality that is primarily employed to release muscle tension and to break up scar tissue and adhesions.

What is cupping?

Cupping is a form of therapy which applies heat vacuumed jars to specific areas and acu-points on the body. Today, we use round glass jars for the procedure, but before glass was invented, cupping was performed using handmade bamboo cups.

How does cupping work?

Cupping works by pulling toxins from the muscle into the connective tissue just beneath the skin, where the lymphatic system can purify the toxins effectively. When the jars are placed on acu-points cupping also stimulates energy flow and enhances circulation.

Why should I try cupping?

Cupping is a very cost-effective way to relieve daily stress and tension, and only takes 15-20 minutes. Cupping effectively relieves muscle spasms caused by injuries, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. This procedure often compliments acupuncture treatments involving neck, shoulder, and back problems. Also, because the procedure releases toxins, it helps to relieve cough and cold symptoms.

What are the risks?

Cupping is very safe when done properly and works for almost everyone. Caution should be taken for those who have a tendency to bleed easily. Patients who suffer from the disorders of hemostasis should not do cupping at all.

What to expect after your session:

1. There will be a round bruise-like mark where the cup was. It should not be painful like a real bruise and should go away in a few days to a week. The bruising varies depending on the situation. A very dark mark usually signifies that a large amount of toxins need to be released from the muscle. If the mark is lighter there are fewer toxins present.

2. Some people might experience a mild tingling sensation in the skin where the cups were. It is normal and can last from minutes to hours depending on the situation.

3. It is highly recommended that the patient drink at least 8- 8oz. glasses of water each day to flush out the toxins.

How often do I need a session and how long does it take?

The number of sessions varies per person, with a maximum frequency of twice a week. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions are recommended for stress reduction. The sessions last about 15-20 minutes.