Origins and Growth

In 1988, the center’s owners, Dr. Hongfei Lin, M.D. and John Law, Ph.D., arrived in the United States from China with the vision that, using Traditional Chinese medicine, they could help others tap into their own healing potential. In 1991 they started the Clinic of Chinese Medicine in North Denver. Within fifteen years, Dr. Lin’s blossoming reputation and popularity prompted the couple to expand their small clinic and found the TrueMind® Center. In 2004, they opened a second location in the lively Cherry Creek North district; in 2012 they consolidated all their services to the Cherry Creek location.

Thanks to the dedication of its team and its consistent results bringing patients to balanced health, TrueMind Center has become a leading Chinese medicine clinic in Denver.

The Story Behind THe Name

The name TrueMind® was created by Dr. Hongfei Lin and Dr. John Law (Ph.D.) to represent the ideal, “true” state of mind achieved by ancient Chinese sages who were in total harmony and cooperation with the universe (天人合一), and who experienced excellent health and remarkable longevity. The center is predicated on the belief that this ancient wisdom is still relevant to modern life and healing.