Testimonials from Other Health Professionals

“Dr. Lin is dedicated to her profession and compassionate to her patients. Her cross-cultural background in Western and Chinese styles of medicine gives her insight into healing. She understands the balance between her patients’ lives and their medical problems.”

… Robert Hurlow, M.D.

“I have found Dr. Hongfei Lin to be a superb clinician and diagnostician. On many occasions she has been able to help patients with complex medical conditions who had not completely responded to Western medical treatments. Her knowledge of both Western and Chinese medicine makes her a great asset to our medical community.”

…Emilia A. Ripoll, M.D.

“This has been a fantastic experience for me. As a family medicine doctor training in Western medicine it is often easy to forget that true healing involves treating the whole person. What sticks with me the most is that Western medicine treats specific diseases generally the same from patient to patient, whereas Chinese Medicine will treat the same disease in different ways depending on the patients specific needs. After only one day shadowing Dr. Lin and receiving a treatment of acupuncture, moxibustion, and cupping, I am convinced of the healing power of Chinese Medicine and the wonderful partnership that can be developed between family medicine and Chinese medicine. Thank you for this experience.”

…Kevin Dryden, M.D.

“…Dr. Lin has amazing hands and will find all your troubled spots in your body without asking many questions…Being a practitioner in western medicine (physical therapist), I know that I would not have been able to get these results with traditional treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Lin as a practitioner.”

…Birgit M., P.T.

“I referred a patient with severe irritable bowel syndrome to Dr. Hongfei Lin because conventional Western medicine had proven ineffective. In less than two months of treatment with herbs and acupuncture, the patient was cured of all difficulty with her bowels. To this day she remains free of all symptoms of this condition.”

…P. Frazier, R.N., CPNP

“I am using acupuncture and Chinese treatments by Dr. Hongfei Lin to complete my own health regimen. I am very pleased with the results. Other members of my family have been treated by her with good results.”

…Rosalinda Pineiro, M.D.