TrueMind Center in the Press

TrueMind Center has been featured on numerous publications, radio shows, and TV shows. Below are excerpts from various features (click the red type to view):

"Cover Story: Chinese Medicine Seeks 'Disharmony' in Body," The Denver Post, 1997.
See Dr. Lin's cover story in the Denver Post about the nature and benefits of Chinese medicine.

Dr. Lin on the Tom Martino Show, 630 K-How Radio, 2005.
Listen to Dr. Lin discuss Chinese medicine with Tom Martino, and then respond to his listeners' questions and comments.

Dr. Lin on Channel 2 News, WB2 News, 2005.
See Channel 2 News' live demonstration from Dr. Lin on the benefits of cupping.

Dr. Lin on Alice 105.9 Radio, 2006.
Dr. Lin does an on-site acupuncture demonstration on live radio.