Patient Stories: Problem Solving

“I was experiencing pain and discomfort from a two-year-old back injury, despite physical therapy. Since I had successfully eliminated migraine headaches though acupuncture in the past, I decided to try that procedure again. I chose the TrueMind® Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine based on their informative website and pretreatment consultation.

Results were noticeable after the first treatment. By the fifth treatment, in combination with herbal supplements, the pain was greatly reduced in my back, as well as shoulders, arms, and legs. My energy levels and general outlook were noticeably better. To my surprise, my ranges of motion without discomfort are almost the same as they were pre-injury.

I understand that acupuncture results can differ from person to person; however, I am greatly pleasedby my progress thus far. I am deeply grateful for the skills of Dr. Lin and the professional staff at the center.”

–Roy P.

“I am a retired high school teacher and was comfortable with going to Dr. Lin for Traditional Chinese Medicine. I went because of severe pain in my shoulder caused by an auto accident nine years ago. I first went to an M.D. and he wanted to treat it with drugs, which I did not want to do. I found Dr. Lin’s name on the internet and decided that would be a good approach. I could live with the chronic pain but I was extremely worried about how the aging process would increase the pain level. After six months of seeing Dr. Lin the pain is almost gone.

Since then I have continued to see her for I wanted to go off Actenol, for my osteoporosis, and estrogen treatment. I have successfully gone off both medications with little side effects.

I recently took a trip to Tibet and requested that Dr. Lin give me some herbs that might be helpful on this trip. I was healthy the entire time in adverse conditions and at extremely high altitudes.

I have told many friends about Dr. Lin and I can recommend her without reservations. I am grateful that the internet led me to this caring, compassionate and skilled healer.”

–G. M.

“I was experiencing severe pain and sciatica in my lower back and down my right leg. I had visited my doctor and a specialist who were unable to help me except with prescribed pain medications. I was unable to play golf and had to curtail other normal activities.

There was only slight improvement from your initial three treatments, but after that my pain level began decreasing noticeably and considerably with each treatment. Within less than two months I was again playing golf and enjoying my regular activities. Unfortunately your treatments did not improve my golf game, but then again, I don’t think anything or anymore can improve the way I play golf.

Subsequent to my back treatments I began experiencing a serious stomach and bowel disorder. Again I had all the test, Upper GI, X-Rays, colonoscopy from great doctors but with no results. This went on for four months. I went in to you for a tune-up on my back and mentioned this problem.

You said that you would treat my digestive system on this visit rather than my back which you did the next three months. Within about a month my stomach and bowel problem ceased and have not come back since.

In all my life I had never had acupuncture treatments. We all hear good and bad things about any medical procedures, but I was always skeptical about acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. At this point nothing else was working to alleviate my pain or stomach disorders so that is when I began seeing you….Thankfully…

I had never had a fear of needles and think I have a relatively high pain tolerance level so that was not a problem. I was and am surprised, however, that I hardly noticed when and where you inserted needles during my treatments. Only on two or three occasions was there even a mild sensation.

I think that is the result of and a compliment to your skill and professional knowledge. In addition to this, I am continually impressed with your knowledge of problem areas with the anatomy as well as your ability to accurately diagnose proper treatment in proper areas.

I think there are two misconceptions about acupuncture. I have some good friends that told me, “oh I tried acupuncture once and it didn’t work,” and I think that might be accurate. I don’t think one can expect immediate results from one or two treatments. I’m happy that I didn’t stop even after three treatments.

The other misconception is perceived pain from the needles. I don’t think I’m any different than other people, but I never experienced any intolerable pain from the needles.

As you aware I have highly recommended you to many of my friends who have also become satisfied patients. It should be understood that no one has asked me to write this letter and if a prospective patient would like to discuss my experience I will be happy to do so.

I’m sure, like anything else, that acupuncture may not be the answer for everyone, but thanks to your personal and professional help. It sure worked and is working for me.”

–Tom. B

“I have never experienced acupuncture and Chinese herbs before. After 4 months of treatment with you for kidney stones and a bad spine from an auto accident, I am now without pain and take no medications. After a couple of treatments I felt very comfortable with you and your staff, everyone was very polite and easy to work with. I knew I was at a place that could heal me and not just treat my symptoms that so may other health clinics do. My family and friends can see a big difference in my physical health. I am a true mind believer and would recommend it to anyone with health problems. Thank you again to you and your staff.”

–Duane K.

“I had pain for 5 years. The pain was localized in the right side of my body. It would shoot from the base of my scull, into my scapula and down my right arm. After 4 ½ years of seeing everyone under the sun, I got an MRI. The MRI showed a severe stenosis of my spine at C5-C6. This required a spinal fusion at C5-C6 with the complete removal of the disk in that area. Six months after the surgery I was still in blinding pain. A friend referred me to Dr. Lin in May and 5 weeks later I am almost pain free! After 5 years to be in pain free is the best gift I have ever received. Dr. Lin has changed my life and now I have a bright future. I truly recommend Dr. Lin. If you have any doubts, please read this and hurry to book your appointment!”

–Jasmin B.

“I had been having arthritis pain in my leg and knee for many years. The pain was interfering with my sleep and I often slept in a chair sitting up. A visit to my regular doctor did not help much. The pain medication he prescribed helped a little, but did not take away all the pain. I first came to see Dr. Lin on July 25th, 2002. After the first acupuncture treatment I saw remarkable results! One treatment took care of the pain in my knees. Several treatments later, the pain in my legs is greatly diminished. I am no longer using a cane to walk and I can now climb up and down the stairs in my home. It is like a miracle!”

–Dale V.

“I was experiencing excruciating neck and head pain along with some tingling and numbness. I thought it was from spending too much time at a computer. An MRI showed I had arthritis in the cervical spine and bone spurs. Dr. Lin treated me for these two conditions along with scar tissue that had built up for years from earlier injuries. I have received weekly treatments and I hardly am aware of pain now and can turn my head! The acupuncture treatments are so helpful. I look forward to my weekly appointments.

Dr. Lin is a very caring and wonderful person, as well as very intelligent and perceptive. Her knowledge of both western and eastern medicines set her apart. In my opinion she’s at the top!”

–Mary W.

“I was in a horrifying car accident 8 years ago that I should not have walked away from alive. Since the accident I’ve had short and long term memory loss. Also, I have had severe pain in my right knee to where I could not walk. Now, I have gained some short term memory and I have good days when I don’t even wear my knee brace.

I also have constant migraines and after each treatment they go away for longer and longer periods of time. Thanks to Dr. Lin my healing process has dramatically improved and I am beginning to return to normal daily life. The process is long, but I would not have felt this good this soon if it wasn’t for Dr. Lin and Chinese Medicine.”

–Joe S.

“I am now at the end of my treatment schedule and have absolutely no problems with my back. Everyone marvels how quickly my healing process transpired and that I did not have to be on drugs to get relief. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Dr. Lin’s great care and expertise have definitely put me back on my feet again. Thank you, Dr. Lin!”

–Ann N.

“I was in a car accident and suffered a tear on a muscle tendon–this was a situation that could require surgery. After 3 months of treatments my tendon is healed and I do not experience pain there. I am able to exercise, dance, and enjoy life.”

–Ana D.

“My son suffered from stomach issues from the time he was very young. He often had painful bowel movements, diarrhea, and stomachaches. We had tried to find relief for him through allopathic medicine, but the frequency and intensity of his stomachaches increased with age. Until the time he was treated by Dr. Lin, he was having stomach pain every morning and it was interfering with his ability to go to school. After just one visit to Dr. Lin his stomach pain was completely eliminated and he required only one more visit to be completely stable.”

–Jane G. on behalf of Keegan G.

“Thanks so much for fixing me so nicely! I haven’t had a headache in 2 weeks. Not even after a crazy night of packing and getting ready for my trip, without any sleep and 5 flights within 3 days to get to Chile. I have been hiking for the past week in Chile’s most famous national park, Torres del Paine. I am taking the herbs everywhere with me. People always wonder what that magic powder is that I am drinking!? Thank You!”

–Birgit M.