“I did not realize how my problem connected with my stress, blood flow and how it all ties into the muscles. I did not realize how much scar tissue I had and that Dr. Lin would be able to break it up. I didn’t know how bad I felt until I started feeling better.”

–Ginger B.

“I have learned about balance, importance of nutrition, meditation and taking care of oneself on a daily basis. Prevention is easier than treatment once you already have a disease.”

–Vicky V.

“The healing is a combination of the acupuncture, herbs, and decrease in my personal stress. Learning to deal with my stress and think positively about my healing has helped my treatment. I wanted to avoid surgery to remove my fibroids. It took a few sessions before noticing much difference but my body is starting to change in lots of ways. My stomach (digestive system) feels much better, certain food cravings have lessened. My need to eat food when stressed or depressed has decreased also. My feminine problems seem to be getting better, changes in my menstrual cycle have been slower, but what I expected. I have never thought it would be quick and I’ve been very happy with the results so far. I believe the acupuncture along with the herbs and some personal life changes have improved my health and overall look on being healthy and living life with out constant pain.”

–Nicole C.

“ I have learned how past grief and other emotions affect the body. How important it is to practice meditation, exercise and diet.”

–Mary M.