Dr. Ding's Results and Praise

Dr. Ding is a valuable addition to TrueMind Center. She has an incredibly high level of expertise and experience delivering great healing results to patients. I recommend Dr. Ding to any prospective patients without hesitation.
-Dr. Hongfei Lin

After being plagued with chest pains for over eight months and having no results with conventional remedies, I tried acupuncture.  After the first session the pain was gone.  In two days the pain did not return. So, yes, Dr. Ding's treatment was very successful and I am very pleased with such results in such a short time.
-Donald W.

A year and 9 months ago I was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer.  Two larger cancers were removed, one from my lung and one from my brain.  The surgeries were followed by chemotherapy and radiation.  My body and mind felt like I was hit with a Mack truck.  They ordered PET scans, CT scans, Brain MRIs every 3 months for the first year, and now every 6 months -- as you can tell, they expect the cancer to return.  More than half of patients with this diagnosis die within the first year.  My prognosis is less than 4% for a 5-year survival rate.  In Western medicine I’m in the 'watch and wait' phase.  I’m an RN and know this is not how I choose to deal with cancer. 
After my last Chemo, I wasn’t 'allowed' to seek Complementary Medicine.  I came to the TrueMind Center when the doctors told me I was doing great but I felt absolutely awful.  When I came to TrueMind I learned I had no Qi.  I felt validated, not crazy for feeling so terrible.
I’ve been treated by Dr. Xiaorong Ding for a year and a half.  My understanding is that she is not treating the cancer, but supporting my immune system with acupuncture and herbal therapy.  I am also hydrating as she has directed, eating a healthy high vegetable diet, and exercising daily, and practicing yoga and meditation.  I know that all the complementary methods I employ are helping me not only to survive, but to feel really well – got my Qi back.  The most important complementary medicine is the acupuncture received by Dr. Ding.  I have complete confidence in her education, experience, and expertise.  I am very grateful for her excellent care.
In addition to immune support, Dr. Ding has also helped me with other problems.  Post-chemo, my muscles tore easily which she treated with herbal poultices – markedly decreasing the bruising and inflammation and alleviating the pain.  As a nurse, I’ve never seen that done.  Amazing.  I used to take a drug that gave me many side efforts, but Dr. Ding completely stopped the numbness, burning, and electrical activity in my hands, and my feet are much improved.  Again amazing. 
I highly recommend Dr. Ding and the TrueMind Center.  This month I will visit a new oncologist.  Hopefully this new hospital and MD will be more receptive to the use of complementary medicine.  I believe, considering the severity of my disease, I will continue to benefit from both East and West medicine.
-Barbara O.