Dr. Ding's Results and Praise

“Dr. Ding is a valuable addition to TrueMind Center. She has an incredibly high level of expertise and experience delivering great healing results to patients. I recommend Dr. Ding to any prospective patients without hesitation.”

-Dr. Hongfei Lin

”After being plagued with chest pains for over eight months and having no results with conventional remedies, I tried acupuncture. After the first session the pain was gone. In two days the pain did not return. So, yes, Dr. Ding's treatment was very successful and I am very pleased with such results in such a short time.”

-Donald W.

”A year and 9 months ago I was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer. Two larger cancers were removed, one from my lung and one from my brain. The surgeries were followed by chemotherapy and radiation. My body and mind felt like I was hit with a Mack truck. They ordered PET scans, CT scans, Brain MRIs every 3 months for the first year, and now every 6 months -- as you can tell, they expect the cancer to return. More than half of patients with this diagnosis die within the first year. My prognosis is less than 4% for a 5-year survival rate. In Western medicine I’m in the 'watch and wait' phase. I’m an RN and know this is not how I choose to deal with cancer.

After my last Chemo, I wasn’t 'allowed' to seek Complementary Medicine. I came to the TrueMind Center when the doctors told me I was doing great but I felt absolutely awful. When I came to TrueMind I learned I had no Qi. I felt validated, not crazy for feeling so terrible.

I’ve been treated by Dr. Xiaorong Ding for a year and a half. My understanding is that she is not treating the cancer, but supporting my immune system with acupuncture and herbal therapy. I am also hydrating as she has directed, eating a healthy high vegetable diet, and exercising daily, and practicing yoga and meditation. I know that all the complementary methods I employ are helping me not only to survive, but to feel really well – got my Qi back. The most important complementary medicine is the acupuncture received by Dr. Ding. I have complete confidence in her education, experience, and expertise. I am very grateful for her excellent care.

In addition to immune support, Dr. Ding has also helped me with other problems. Post-chemo, my muscles tore easily which she treated with herbal poultices – markedly decreasing the bruising and inflammation and alleviating the pain. As a nurse, I’ve never seen that done. Amazing. I used to take a drug that gave me many side efforts, but Dr. Ding completely stopped the numbness, burning, and electrical activity in my hands, and my feet are much improved. Again amazing.

I highly recommend Dr. Ding and the TrueMind Center. This month I will visit a new oncologist. Hopefully this new hospital and MD will be more receptive to the use of complementary medicine. I believe, considering the severity of my disease, I will continue to benefit from both East and West medicine.”

-Barbara O.

“I went to see Dr. Ding for my back pain. My back had given out after one biking trip. I never had such awful back problems in my life. It felt like I locked up my lower back. Nothing was making it better even after the strong pain killer. I was waddling when I walked into Dr. Ding's clinic. After a short conversation about the procedure, she started pull out the needles. One thing shocked me was that she was not even doing the treatment on my back; instead, it was on my hand. Yes, HAND. I was having a back issue, not hand!! She just twisted the little needle, and told me to move my back, especially towards to the tender points. Amazingly, the more I moved toward to my stiff back, the more I felt it was loosen up. By 20 minutes, I can already bend my back without holding my breath. I walked out the clinic like a normal person. Dr. Ding is very nice and has great skills. I am definitely going back to follow up soon - gotta make sure my back is decent for the next biking trip.”

-Alan L.

“After being plagued with chest pains for over eight months and having no results with conventional remedies I tried acupuncture. After the first session the pain was gone in two days and did not return. So, yes, Dr. Ding’s treatment was very successful and I am very pleased with such results in such a short time.”

-Donald T. Woods

“My strongest recommendation to anyone reading this is to go to Dr. Xiaorong Ding as your first resource for any and all health needs! She is a master acupuncturist and herbalist, at the PhD level of education and practice.  The more acute or chronic your condition, the more I encourage you to open yourself to the possibilities of this naturopathic pathway and place your trust in her at the helm of your ship.   Open yourself to new pathways of thinking, new vocabulary used to describe your body and conditions, and learn to ‘just go with it’.After 10 years of being misdiagnosed and improperly medicated, I was suffering from debilitating and chronic health conditions which did not exist in the first place! I became chemically addicted to “western” prescription medication.  I was within the western medical spin.  Managing my health conditions had become 100% of my life energy, money, and focus. Within a short period of time, Dr. Ding assessed my health and stabilized me where no other doctor had been able.  She put me on a pathway for recovery.  While others are ‘practicing’ medicine, Dr. Ding is performing medicine!The words thank you seems too small for the life changing part you have played in my life.  I will always be grateful.”


“I started seeing Dr. Ding a few months ago.  My shoulder pain was so intense and I had very limited movement in my shoulder.  I now can extend my arm up and around with no effort or pain.  I also experience stomach problems.  I had a lot of pain and inconsistent stools.  I now have normal stools and the pain has decreased.  I am so grateful I found Dr. Ding, she has made my life so much better.”

-Gretchen H.

“I started my first treatment with Dr. Ding for my sprained ankle a month ago. I clearly remember, that was 2 days before the color run event; I was worried that I won't be able to join my friends due to the ankle injury. However, after only one treatment, the ankle swelling has decreased significantly and I am able to finished the whole color run without any difficulty. That makes me really impressed about the effectiveness of acupuncture.Later, I discovered that she also provided treatment for weight loss. My husband and I both decided to give it a try. The acupuncture treatment suppressed my appetite, and still gave me good energy. I and able to eat smaller portion of food without feeling cranky. My body stopped craving for comfort (= junk) food. I barely had any emotional struggle since starting the treatment. after the treatment, my skin had reaction to the needle; Dr. Ding noticed the issue during her follow up exam and gave me a herbal cream to treat. Three days later, problem solved. The amazing result : without extra diet, or exercise , I lost 10 lbs in just 2 weeks, and my husband lost 3" in waistline after 6 weeks.Last, I must mention her great bedside manner. I have seen so many doctors with great skills but very poor attitude. Dr. Ding is different. She explained the treatment plan well and answered all our questions patiently. Then she guided me through the whole procedure professionally. My overall experience with Dr. Ding has been very pleasant and effective. I will go back to see her for follow for sure."

-Lily J.

“Before I starting seeing Dr. Ding I was always exhausted, it took forever to fall asleep and woke every two hours during the night. I was extremely depressed, full of fear and anxiety, had major digestive troubles and felt like I lived in a constant state of hot flashes. In Western Medicine I have Type II diabetes and only one functioning Kidney. I lived my daily life in what seemed like a fog, never feeling good or right and learned over the years to accept I was never going to feel any better.Since being treated by Dr. Ding my energy level has improved drastically. I’ve gone from crying everyday to only when appropriate. I fall asleep easily, experience deep and rested sleep without waking during the night. My emotions are more easily controlled. I no longer live in a constant state of fear and anxiety and feel like I have more control over my emotions. Things that would push me emotionally over the edge before are tolerable now. I’m also digesting my food better. I don’t have cramping, bloating, constant loose stools or daily embarrassing stomach growling. My body temperature feels to have lowered significantly as well. My days are clearer; my mind is more focused and I know that with each treatment I am becoming stronger and healthier! As you can see my life has changed and improved in so many ways since Dr. Ding’s treatment of Acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Her treatments have given me hope and motivation for not only a healthy physical being but also a healthy emotional life. I am and will be forever thankful…..”

-Becky M.

“I started having acupuncture because I had a miscarriage which was probably caused by my hypothyroid. During that time, I was feeling “out of balance" both physically and mentally. One was that I was depressed and not interested in talking with anyone. Another one was that I was fatigued and had never experienced anything so debilitating in my life. Yet another one was that I had a complete lack of appetite. My mother suggested I should try acupuncture treatments. I had never had acupuncture before and was simultaneously curious, optimistic and skeptical. However, I decided to give it a try. Then the question was whom I should go to. I was introduced by a relative to Dr. Ding. Thirty minutes after my first session of acupuncture, I felt that I wanted some food, which was the feeling I failed to have for at least three months. I recalled that at that time I was at the sitting area of Cherry Creek Shopping Center and waiting for my family. So I went downstairs to the Starbucks and got a muffin. I was totally amazed at what acupuncture did for me. I then started seeing Dr. Ding for weekly acupuncture treatments. She is wonderful at what she does.  She truly listens to my needs and concerns and is genuinely interested in all areas of my well being. After 8 months of acupuncture treatments, the dosage of my thyroid medication was tapered off by my Endocrinologist based on lab results since the dosage was boosted five times and never reduced from the beginning when I started taking thyroid medications. Each of her session helps me achieve a physical and spiritual balance that is vital for optimum health. I was elated to see that acupuncture really helped me emotionally as well. I had been under a lot of stress, and my job is demanding.  When I walked home after treatments, I felt much better emotionally. My energy level was significantly improved. My cognitive thinking, focus and clarity maintain high, which is imperative for my job. Acupuncture is a part of a healthy lifestyle for me. Dr. Ding is a true healer. I am so incredibly grateful to Dr. Ding and the impact she has had on my life and well being. I feel so lucky to have her caring for me. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

-Chenyan W.

“I have been to several different acupuncturists over the past few years and Dr. Ding is the best! She is friendly, knowledgeable, and she tailors each visit to meet your needs, while still working toward overall goals. I have been to see Dr. Ding over 7 times now and each time the needle placement is customized to my specific needs at that time. She also provides personalized herbal formulas for you. I feel a lot better now that I have been seeing Dr. Ding, and I highly recommend her!”

-Alex W.

“I have ADHD since I was little. It was Dr. Ding who actually found out that I have the disorder, and treated it. I got improvements after 3 weeks of the treatment. I was able to concentrate up to 2 hours instead of 10-15 minutes before I had acupuncture. Dr. Ding is very skilled in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I had been there for about 4 months, starting in February. She is very friendly and she knows what she is doing.It's already very rare that a Chinese medicine doctor practicing in Colorado, let along a very knowledgeable doctor who has  had many years of experiences with acupuncture. I strongly recommend this clinic.”

-Yalin L.