Sports Injury Acupuncture Treatment

TrueMind® specializes in treating sports-related injuries. Dr. Lin has over 25 years of experience successfully treating injuries associated with various sports, including skiing, football, tennis, golf, soccer, and more. Her patients have included professional athletes and amateur athletes alike.

Dr. Lin has an extensive, proven track record effectively healing athletes. Her patients have undergone incredible breakthroughs; athletes have beaten timetables for recovery, fully recuperated from serious injuries, and regained speed, strength and flexibility. Her treatment focuses on: 

  • Breaking-up of of scar tissue to return flexibility and function
  • Post-surgery treatment to speed-up and assure a full recovery
  • Recovery from pulls, tears, and sprains
  • Relief of pain and stiffness (commonly with neck, shoulder, back, knee and ankle injuries)
  • Treatment of both lingering and recent sports injuries