Q&A With Dr. Lin

1) What should I expect during the initial evaluation and acupuncture treatments?

Click here for Dr. Lin’s Promise, which describes Dr. Lin’s medical style and explains the value of the initial evaluation, or here for more information about what to expect during a visit.


2) How does your acupuncture treatment vary from that of other licensed acupuncturists in Colorado?

The word “acupuncturist” is a loose title that applies to practitioners with varying amounts of training, skill and experience. It is rare for an acupuncturist to hold both a Western M.D. degree as well as a TCM degree. I believe that my fused knowledge of both of these systems, plus my many years of clinical experience and my practice of internal Qigong (an ancient Chinese art form of body and mind cultivation), has permitted me to develop sensitivity, intuition, and a high level of skills. Ultimately, what sets me apart is both a very high success rate and resounding patient satisfaction.


3) What inspired you to return to school to receive your Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine after you had already acquired an M.D.?

Very simply, TCM provided answers to questions that couldn’t be answered by Western medicine. As a doctor, I was often asked, “How do I prevent illness?” and “How can I recover from illness naturally?” I couldn’t satisfactorily answer those questions based upon my many years of Western medical training. Because I was interested in preventive medicine, I continued to study TCM for an additional three years after medical school to learn the answers to these questions. Now, after 25 years of practicing, I have finally found some answers that I am pleased to share with my patients.


4) My insurance will pay for acupuncture if it is performed by an M.D. Does your M.D. degree qualify?

Although I have a medical degree in Western medicine and have passed the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam, I have chosen not to obtain a physician’s license in Colorado. I limit my practice exclusively to TCM, and am licensed in the state of Colorado to perform acupuncture and prescribe Chinese herbs.