Dr. Lin's Promise

Whether you’ve come to me as a last resort or because you’re exploring options, I’m guessing that your biggest question is: will this work for me?

On my end, I’m also asking a similar question: how much healing potential can I bring out for you? How much can your body heal naturally? To answer that, my first task is to figure out the root problem behind the ailment that you are suffering. This process occurs during the initial evaluation. I’ll take note of the usual TCM tongue and pulse diagnostics, and I’ll want to know more about your medical history, other problems you may have had over time, your mood, your lifestyle — many questions that will help me see the “big picture” about your body. For many, the root cause is surprising: heart palpitations, for example, might originate with energy blockage in the liver; lung issues might be due to weakness in the colon or gall bladder; a painful heel might be rooted in old injuries in the hip or knee. Few health problems are ever truly isolated.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, identifying the core problem is bulk of the work; the diagnosis will then dictate what meridians to treat and what herbs to prescribe. That means that if I can understand your root cause right away, I can be efficient in my treatment strategy for you, and we won’t have to tinker around. I credit my dual medical education, over 25 years of experience, and my medical intuition for my ability to quickly and accurately pinpoint the core problem.

Because TCM treats the root of the problem and not just the symptoms, during treatment, you’ll experience many changes in your body, usually beyond what you originally came in for. By the time your pain has gone away, the specific body structure will have been renewed–the deep scar tissue and swelling will have been treated. Most patients remark that their entire body feels better. By the end of the treatment plan, my goals are to have resolved the original problem that you came in for, as well as to have taken care of related body parts and other potential problems that I have found. This is how I ensure long-lasting results. And in the end, I emphasize preventive care: how you can maintain your health over time, and how you can become more aware of the connection between you health and your life.

A final note — as enthusiastic as I am about natural healing, I still value technology and Western medicine. If I sense that another method besides TCM would be more efficient for you, or if I find an issue that that can’t be solved through TCM, I will of course let you know.